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Medical Staffing Consultants (MSC) assists entrepreneurs in launching, operating and growing successful medical staffing, recruitment, and home care companies.
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MSC Success Stories

Some examples of our clients' success stories are:

MSC Client #1
Under the guidance of MSC, this client started their operation in 2008. With the continued support
and assistance of MSC, acting as consultant and advisor, this client recently announced the
acquisition of another well known medical staffing company, thus doubling its sales to $18 million
annually. The merger of these two companies allowed for internal staff to increase to 25, including
sales people and support staff. The combined clientele of both companies is now a highly diverse
and large group of organizations that includes major hospitals, outpatient clinics, doctors' offices,
long-term care facilities, medical groups and social service agencies.

MSC Client #2 (John)
Launched his company just over a year ago and now bills $2.5 million annually in medical staffing.

MSC Client #3 (Marge)
Doing extremely well with her single-person, home-based medical staffing company, largely
focusing on securing home care assignments for physical therapists.

MSC Client #4 (Raul)
This long time client has expanded his success in providing nurses to hospitals to other areas of
health care staffing. His operation has grown to the point where he now provides staffing for all
non-medical positions, with one of his large hospital clients.

MSC Client #5 (Mary)
This one-person operation has grown in its first ten months, allowing additional internal staff to be
hired to keep up with the demands from clients for qualified health care professionals. This
business received a prestigious contract with 5 state-owned hospitals to provide staff on a contract
basis. The potential of this 3-year contract could be $9-10 million.

MSC Client #6 (Jim) 
This company has secured a contract with a multi-million dollar medical staffing company that has
contracts with the federal government. Profit margins are very high. With MSC's help, Jim is
learning to bid on national federal contracts as a direct provider, which will result in even higher