Medical Staffing Consultants (MSC) assists entrepreneurs in launching, operating and growing successful medical staffing, recruitment, and home care companies.
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Established Medical Staffing Companies  The following are some of the services that are available to medical staffing companies  that are already in business:  •  Introduction to new product lines e.g. allied health staffing •  Specialized recruitment and marketing programs including market analysis •  Proposal writing and client presentation •  On-site company analysis and recommendations •  Exploration of joint ventures, new business opportunities, and strategic planning for expansion •  Buyer and seller representation for mergers and acquisitions •  Recruitment of internal staff •  Joint commission pre-certification program •  Proprietary data bases of candidates, home phones, and email •  Comprehensive library of all forms, documents, and contracts needed to run the business •  Substantial discounts on: - PL, GL, and WC insurances - Factoring and lines of credit - Payroll processing services - Complete back-office services - Medical staffing software packages - Career Builder subscriptions Other Established Companies We also design customized service packages for non-medical staffing companies and home care agencies who are interested in launching a medical staffing/recruitment division.
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